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This clock was made by Joyce of Whitchurch in 1892. It is a flatbed striking movement with a double three legged gravity escapement, driving two 4'- 6" clock dials. I was asked to quote to bring the clock back into working order after it had been stopped many years.
When inspecting the clock, my Wife (Caroline) and I found both heavy cast iron clock weights were still wound up, and the rusty steel cables holding them were in a dangerous state. We both very carefully lowered the weights to floor level before proceeding with our inspection. We also found to our horror, that the pendulum weight bob had been cut off (see photo), mind boggling vandalism! Two thirds of the pendulum where missing. The tower was extremely damp causing much of the paintwork etc to be in a very poor state, and many bearings where seized solid.
Work carried out;
Obtaining a redundant pendulum assembly from another Church clock, that already had many parts missing after people had converted it to electrical operation in the past. We overhauled and repaired the clock movement, pulleys, bevel gears, dial motion works, clock hammer etc. we also converted the clock to automatic winding and restored the clock dials.
I regard my suppliers Automatic Winding Units as the best in the Country, their ten year guarantee speaks for itself.
This clock is now regularly maintained by Hills Tower Clocks and working well.
The clock dials still look as good today (2023) since they were restored in 2012.

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