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Cleaning, part overhaul and dial restoration





This clock is a hand wound Gravity Flatbed movement with a double three legged gravity escapement made by William Potts & Sons of Leeds in 1911, the clock bed is made from cast iron. The clock has one 4'- 0" diameter bronze skeleton dial. the clock hands are very unusual as they are made from solid bronze! Clock hands of this age were usually made from copper sheet or hardwood. Even though the clock had not been serviced by a clock company for many years, it was still working. The clock movement was very dirty with lots of congealed oil in several of its bearings. The clock dial and hands had no paint left on them!
Work carried out;
I removed the clock dial and hands and some clock pulleys back to my workshop where I overhauled the clock pulleys. I then restored the clock dial and hands using a high quality paint system and 23.5 carat double thickness English gold leaf. I then returned all items to site, dismantled and cleaned the clock, dial motion works and remaining clock pulleys etc. I then applied Renaissance Wax to all parts of the clock movement and dial motion works etc, fitted new steel weight cables, refitted the clock dial and hands, restarted the clock, set up and left all in good working order.
This clock is now regularly serviced by Hills Tower Clocks and working well.
The clock dial still looks as good today (2023) since it was restored in 2012.

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