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Following a request from Gravesham Borough Council, I won the job to restore the four approximately 7'- 0" diameter glazed skeleton clock dials. This job was quite rare for me, as it was a long distance away from my usual Yorkshire area. The photos provided by Mr John Pexton (the Major Projects Co-ordinator) were very helpful.
Work carried out;
We accessed the outside of the clock dials using a large scaffold that the stonemasons were using. We then removed all four sets of hands and dial motion works, removed all the old glazing and prepared the dial frames and hands for painting. We restored the cast iron skeleton dial frames and copper clock hands using a high quality paint system, and then re glazed the dials using white Pot Opal Glass secured with putty and backing pins in the same way they would have been originally fitted. We dismantled, cleaned and re lubricated the four sets of dial motion works before refitting them with the clock hands. I then fitted a new Pendulum Regulator to keep the clock showing the correct time (the Auto Regulator also automatically adjusts the clock for GMT/BST).
We then synchronized the clock hands, restarted the clock, set up and all in good working order.

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